Monday, March 19, 2012

Bramasole Photography

I came across Bramasole Photography on twitter and was so happy to visit their site and be welcomed by the music of Jack Johnson and surfing images from one of my all time favorite beach towns, Montauk, Long Island, New York.

Photographer, Christine Wexler's, images capture the beauty of the sport at all levels and the peace the ocean brings to all of us.
I asked Christine about her inspirations and she remarked, "Growing up on Long Island, Montauk was always a special place to lose yourself and let your creativity come alive.  The Ocean and light are my true inspirations". I just love that.

Funny story about this one - A friend of mine from college! He used this as his facebook profile pic for a while which is how I recognized him since it's from the back. Mike, if you're out there reading this: 
All my best and hope you are well :)

Christine's work can currently be seen in the Southampton Hospital ER, Sole East in Montauk, and in many homes throughout the East End and in New York City.  

To see more Bramasole Photography you can visit her website or contact her by email.


  1. This has me longing for Summer! I have such a weakness for gorgeous surf photography and the perfect waves it captures!

  2. Ugggh I miss surfing. The waves where I live are not the greatest. After this pregnancy I plan on getting into SUP. Can't wait

  3. Looks like a blog I MUST check out - what great shots!! Off to do some more reading - hope you have a productive week, Liz.


  4. Great shots, nothing like beach photography for that relaxed, summer feeling! xo K

  5. Makes use want summer all the more.