Monday, December 26, 2011

Our First Married Christmas

We had a beautiful Christmas Eve spent at my parents' home with our whole family and Jack, who was a hit with his big red bow and giant bone.

We opened gifts and had a beautiful dinner prepared in the traditional Italian way with fish, fish, and more fish including lobster fra diavolo and filet of sole. 

Christmas morning Brian and I made a sweet little breakfast of pancakes and coffee and opened our gifts - I would have photos of us but I think we both know the camera isn't our friend the first thing in the morning. Our tree however was looking good: 

Brian and I spent Christmas night the two of us and borrowed my parent's house for their fireplace :) I set a nice table with all of our new china and the silver that my mom has been collecting for me since I was a little babe - it was so nice to use all of it and dine on the delicious filet mignon that Brian made.

It was a perfect way to spend our first married Christmas with Jack in between the table and the fire :) 

What did you do for Christmas?? 


  1. Jack is adorable!
    Everything looks so lovely.

  2. Looks like a wonderful holiday! I LOVE your place wishes for 2012! xx

  3. The first Christmas married is always the BEST!
    Everything looked lovely! Blessings to you and Happy NEW Year!

    xo Lynda