Thursday, September 22, 2011


SO the one month countdown to our wedding began this past weekend! It hasn't really hit me until this week that the wedding is actually, really happening!! It has kind of seemed like a dream/fantasy this whole time and now I am fully aware of its reality and more excited than ever, last night I could barely sleep! Little by little I've been preparing goodies for our guests which I really don't want to reveal until AFTER the big day but very vaguely, there will be beachy goodness galore! I am aiming for very tasteful, elegant beach decor, nothing over the top to take away from the natural beauty of a wedding on the beach.

Our guest count is up to about 130 which we are so thrilled about since just about every single person is travelling via plane to get there. Most people will arrive on Thursday in time for a little welcome soiree at my parent's house. On Friday there will be a men's golf tournament and I'm still deciding on whether or not to arrange a paddleboarding outing. I know lots of people want to try it but I'm not sure if their first day on vacation they want to jump right into the water sports or lounge by the pool/beach. I'm thinking keep it optional and recruit some bridesmaids and whoever wants in is in, out is out :) Friday night is the rehearsal dinner at a local seafood restaurant, nothing fancy, followed by a welcome party at our favorite tiki bar, the Square Grouper. Note to self, go home by 11:00 PM!

Saturday is the day, and I have my heart set on starting it with a nice walk on the beach with my mom. Shortly after, the prep begins and wedding at 5:00. Brian and I leave for Maui on Sunday night - I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

Ok but the whole point of this post was to share with you, so you can help me keep on track, my pre-wedding health regimen. I started last week with these goals in mind but really really want to stick to them and am hoping you will help with your encouraging comments :)

1. Drinking lots and lots of water. I fill up at 33 oz pitcher about 3x/day and when I can, I squeeze a little lemon in for some flavor. I also drink the occasional coconut water by Vita Coco which is very good and really hydrates you.
2. Less blow drying of the hair. During the week, I've been letting it air-dry which has it's good days and bad. On the bad, it's in a clip :)
3. Getting to bed early, 10:30-11 and trying to get a full 8 hours/night.
4. Using my new Clinique face cleansing system religiously. My friend Gwennie came out to visit from Chicago and I couldn't get over how even and radiant her skin looked and she told me she started using the Clinque Acne Solutions system. I went out and bought it the next day and it really seems to be working!! I'm hoping I have the clearest even skin for the wedding.
5. Work out at least 3x/week. I can't stand treadmills and elipticals so my work outs consist of weights and walking Jack these days. I use 8 lb free weights for my arms, use a few of the leg machines at the gym, and am shooting for 50-100 crunches.
6. Eating lots of fruits and salads. I've been starting everyday with a grapefruit and banana and get an apple in at some point in the afternoon. Lunch has been salad and dinner, I just try and stay healthy.
7. Nails, just trying not to "use my hands as tools" as my mom says.
8. Keeping my schedule light so I don't get overwhelmed and stressed out with work and social events!
Woosh I know that was long-winded but glad I got it all out there!

my gym hero

and when stressed, look at this! (available here)


  1. Hi there! I just got married in June so I'm VERY familiar with regimens! Tip: consider shellac nails for the wedding/honeymoon. The nervousness about chipping is not worth it on your big day. For the workout, see if there are any local group fitness groups in your area. I did a 'boot camp' (minus the yelling) outside with a small group the month before and it's SO much more fun than doing it alone!

  2. Shauna, I am going to do the gel nailpolish which supposedly lasts two weeks? Is that the same thing??

    And you're right, I should try the bootcamp thing!

  3. Yep it's the same. I think Shellac is just a brand of it- so it just depends where you go. DEF worth it.

  4. i can't believe you are getting married in a month!!! and i just got a gel manicure last week and it still looks brand new - i'm sold!!

    where are you guys staying in maui?? we did 2 weeks there for our honeymoon, spent 1 week at the four seasons and the other week at the sheraton in kaanapali :)

  5. Try to eat some whole grains and lean organic beef(if you eat beef) for B vitamins..they keep your nails strong, hair healthy, and skin glowing. Gentle yoga would help with stress. Most of all enjoy every single minute!!!

  6. Sounds like a well organised regime - good luck with it but most of all relax & enjoy the lead up to your wedding!

  7. What a great list!!! Ours are very similar. I've been blow drying my hair every other day too... which cuts back on the leg lifts though -ha. So excited for you! I wish I could go back and do my wedding again... be sure to take it all in the best that you can! Such a fun time in life. And enjoy Maui. We went there for our honeymoon too (forever ago)!
    xoxo Trina