Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Beach Wedding Planning Week, Day 1

Good Morning All :) I'm writing from Jupiter, FL this morning where Brian and I are getting married in... 3 1/2 months!! The realization of all the planning we have to do hit over dinner the other night while we discussed all we need to accomplish while we're down here. Talking about it and writing it all out  was just a tad more than I thought, but all is good, I'm so excited!! Mom comes today to help and go to meetings with me, while we let Brian go to "man stuff" (fishing and golf).

Throughout the week, I'll update our progress and post more inspiration. I would love to hear your suggestions through the comments, this wedding needs to be and will DROP (dead gorgeous).

On the agenda this week:

Tasting at our venue
Meeting with three florists
lunch with our priest and his wife (yes, he's a retired priest because active Catholic priests won't marry outside the church) sigh...
hair trial
makeup trial
major shopping trip for wedding shoes, lingerie, honeymoon clothes, rehearsal dinner dress, wedding shower dress, etc...
addressing our shower invites
finalizing invitations with Kathleen Burlew

Squeezing beach, paddle boarding, and wining and dining for fun!
All morning I have been collecting images to show the florists, I am thinking of high and low tables, submerged flowers, and lots and lots of candles.

a nice option to do for the low tables, with the flowers on the table and candles in the vases

submerged flowers

I think this is my favorite of all the photos, I love the combination of flowers and notice each vase has shells on the bottom.

these would be nice on the tables for the cocktail hour, don't you think? sweet and simple

I think this has to be done...

love this flower, anyone know what it is? Orchid?


I kind of want this to be my bouquet...

although I am doing mostly white, I wouldn't mind a little coral thrown in.

I love blue hydrangea's, I just don't know if they fit...



This photo actually comes from our venue! This morning on Style Me Pretty, it was the first wedding that came up. This is where I'll be walking with my dad!! 

I'm definitely doing the paper lanterns from the trees.

this needs to be done...

more lanterns...

cake inspiration, definitely want fresh flowers like this on the cake.

SO there you have the inspiration I will be bringing to the florist...I hope they can help me!


  1. My wedding is about 3.5 months away too, and I am officially in panic mode. Still so much left to do. Jealous you found a way to have a Catholic ceremony outside. That was a no go for us.

  2. oh my this is going to be just fab!! I can't wait to see you put all of it together and we get to watch it all unfold! and you are going to be soooo pretty! have fun planning! :)

  3. Beautiful images...
    First off, the flower that you asked about is definitely an Orchid, as are the flowers in the bouquet in the photo just below it. The flowers on the table in the top photos are Plumeria (more commonly known as Frangipani). As for the blue Hydrangeas, we love them too, but they can wilt very quickly in hot temperatures, so personally we would be hesitant to use them in a Florida wedding, even if it is in the fall.
    And we love the third photo as well, with the tall thin flower vases of various heights, some flowers submerged, some arranged at the top...Stunning, and very unique.
    Good luck with the planning, we are sure it will be gorgeous!

  4. Stunning images!!! In my opinion, I love that you are doing *mostly* white, with a few coral accents, but I think a few blue hydrangeas would look fabulous against the coral!!! Just my opinion, but I would think it would work together beautifully! Enjoy your planning this week!

  5. I LOVE the submerged flowers with the shells at the bottom!! Beautiful!


  6. Love all of your ideas, and yes, the flowers you were questioning are orchids. I was thinking of doing someting similar for my bouquet but decided not to spend as much on our flowers.

    Enjoy your time there! Sounds like you'll be quite busy! Have fun too!

  7. Dear Liz,

    Love Too Jay's in Jupiter for breakfast.

    I wish I was there.



    Coastal Blue Ocean

  8. Ohh! Looks like everything is off to a fabulous start :)

  9. yayyyy! I'm doing those "this way to the ceremony" signs for a July 16 bride. I'll post to my blog when they're done so you can see!

  10. the blue hydrangeas totally fit, I love them soooo much. I am going to have the green ones for my bridesmaids bouquets. I have 2 months left and am feeling a tad overwhelmed!!

  11. I it all!!!! I can't wait to see it all unfold:):)

  12. This is going to be unbelievable!
    Love the starfish! Go for it!
    Gypsea Nurse

  13. You are going to have the most phenomenal wedding!!! I wish I was in Florida today, tasting cakes and meeting florists!! We'll sure miss you today at our blogger's lunch!

    xo Elizabeth