Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wall Art - A DIY

I've been feeling super creative lately and during yesterday's snow day thought of the perfect DIY project to solve the missing space above my bed. I've had all sorts of ideas and will eventually upgrade, but for now these little cuties are just perfect, and they were free!

I had some unused white frames that were the perfect size to pair up on the wall space I was working with. I covered the cardboard piece that the frames came with for padding with a piece of wallpaper that came from a book of samples.

I also have tons of pretty paper from pads of scrapbooking paper that I use to decoupage with. I cut out the letter of the words I wanted to spell out in the frames, in my case, LOVE and PEACE. *note, if you have letter stencils USE THEM. I didn't have these so sizing the letters right was a bit tough for me.

Next, glue or use double-stick tape to secure them on your wall-paper covered piece of cardboard and voila!

{excuse the poor quality of photos, these were taken at night :/}

and then have your handsome man hang them where you wish, or better, DIY!