Monday, February 7, 2011

Bahamas Cottage

I loved having the 3 or so hours, or however long the Superbowl lasted, to look through magazines and especially catch up on my beloved Coastal Living subscription. Do your magazines pile up and form stacks all over your house, too?? I love getting them in the mail but find it hard to dedicate the time to read through and enjoy them like I used to. So much of my day is spent on the computer, reading blogs and updating my shop, etc.. that to put it all away and shut down to pick up a magazine has become a real treat.

This was one of my favorite articles last night, Treasure Island - "In her cozt Bahamas cottage, a lifelong collector creates a home for a trove of seaside finds"

lovely isn't it?? I love everything about her cottage, so much character and all her objects are perfectly placed to leave the cluttered feeling behind...


  1. I loved this particular article too!
    How've you been my friend?

  2. I'm really jealous of her beach finds in that top picture... that is an awesome way to display beach treasures!