Thursday, January 20, 2011

My New Camera & Our Abode!

SO I bought a new camera yesterday, one that I had been wanting for a loong long time. It was a big purchase but one that will add so much beauty and happiness to my life. I really think photography is going to be a new passion for me. Not only is it great for Shorely Chic, but will be so nice to capture all of the amazing things coming up in our lives.

I got the Nikon D3100 and let me tell you, I am obsessed!! I went to this little mom and pop camera shop up the street from my parent's house in Stamford, CT called Camera Wholesalers and they were so helpful. They even offer free classes every Thursday night to help you get to know all the ins and outs of your camera!! *another reason it is always better to buy from the little guys, the personal attention*

It was nighttime when I got it so I couldn't take the pretty outdoor shots but I got some of our current abode which I mentioned before is the in-law suite at my parent's house. It's been great for me and Brian to save $$ before we buy our own home, and the convenience of being close to mom with the wedding planning has been HUGE - love you, Mom (Dad, too) :) I'm always working on it to make it feel as homey and cozey as I can for me and Brian, but of course I'm not investing too too much because it is temporary. I'm saving all of that for the REALLY big purchase which will hopefully happen in the next year or so.

So here are some little vignettes from the place shot of course, with the new cam:

I love this one, and it is the first piece that was bought for us from our China collection!
Mandarin by Ralph Lauren

a new habit of mine, God forbid I end the night without something sweet...sigh

Yes, I need a lamp shade.

but isn't the lamp awesome!?

I'm thinking of swapping out the white roses for some branches, thoughts?

behind those doors is our bedroom

This is the guitar I bought for Brian for Christmas, along with his new amp. See how my pretty chair got pushed out of the corner? poor thing...

SO that is all, I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into our lovely little abode (for now)!!


  1. The camera takes great pictures...I so need to invest in a good camera. I love your RL China! xx

  2. Love the camera! Love the china! Love the place! Want the zebra pillow! The lamp is great! Branches would be great there!

  3. It is so cute! It really is a wonderful way to start out...saving money. My Hub and I always wanted to live on a bit of land so that we could have a lil cottage for any of our children to use when they became adults to do just some pennies. But that dream has not happened. YOu are very lucky! I'm sure your parents love being able to do this for you. ox

  4. I have the same something sweet problem! There is a froyo place within 5 seconds of our apartment and we are there far too frequently.

    I think you should try out the branches! Maybe even sprayed a bright color?


  5. Love your sweet home with all your personal touches. Clever to save and what charm you have created. Wish I lived there! gorgeous ralph lauren bowl and love the lamp. My thoughts by your sunburst mirror? find a bigger taller vase that balances the weight of the mirror . A showpiece. The mirror and the little vase as beautiful as they are are, out of whack scale wise. Branches will create more of what you dont want. You want volume. You have two open pieces. The table and the mirror. Just my two cents. Your house is a lovely reflection of you.

    Jennifer Duchene
    Home Maker Mixtress blending lifestyle and laughter

  6. I love your camera, I love your lamp, and I agree with Jennifers comments. The vase is a little on the short side for the mirror. Another option would be to find a taller slimmer vase in a similar colour, and center it with the smaller vase, and have the shell in the shell in front of them. But, I do love that vase. And I love white flowers of any variety.

    Lisa x

  7. I love you glizzardina! you apartment looks amazing :) kevi

  8. Seeing your pretty chair pushed aside for the guitar and amp reminds me of my home...when the guys lived her. Now, all I have is my piano tucked into a corner of my dining room (which was my living room, until recently). Next to it is my acoustic guitar...No, I do not play for our dinner guests. It's just the only spot in the house that the piano fits.
    You have made your "temporary home" into a sweet and cozy place...Well done!

  9. I love seeing how happy you are! New camera, new abode, new life. Enjoy every precious minute!!

  10. wow i love the pics of your place! i have the same camera, it was a wedding gift from my brother and i love it too.

    as for branches vs. roses, i think both would look amazing but maybe the branches might compete with the details in the mirror? you have amazing taste! :)

  11. I love your home!!! It is so gorgeous! and that lamp is so cute:)
    Have fun with your new camera!!!!

  12. Where did you get the starfish picture that is by your door? I LOVE it!

  13. perfect for all those honeymoon beach shots! I have the same camera and LOVE it!

  14. Your Connecticut home is so gorgeous (don't we l-o-v-e Connecticut), thanks for sharing, great inspiration. Thanks, too, for sharing your camera purchase, I'm ready for a new one myself...and am eager to take some lessons. Thanks for Camera Wholesalers info.

  15. your house is adorable! I love that lamp :) I am also on the hunt for a perfect lamp shade. It's hard! I have house decorating commitment issues :)

  16. What about a sea grass, instead of branches? Although I'm not sure if it would "work" right there.