Monday, November 15, 2010

A Pretty Etsy Shop - Driftwood Interiors

I was so excited on Thursday to learn that I won a giveaway over at my friend Kerri at driftwood-interiors blog!

Check out her amazing Etsy shop here, and enjoy her lovely watercolors below!

This is the one I chose because it matches my future china by Ralph Lauren!

Thanks, Kerri! 


  1. Lovely watercolors. Hmmm...wonder if she can do water colors of robots? I'm in the need of five for my son's room. I'll have to explore her etsy shop.

  2. Oh thanks Liz, aren't you sweetest? So happy you won the giveaway, and you have fabulous taste in china btw!
    K xx

  3. wow I love the watercolors-so light and delicate-congrats!

  4. Her water colors are beautiful! Something I haven't seen before! Congrats!!

  5. Congrats on your win.

    Her water colors are lovely. Thanks for sharing her Etsy shop with us.

  6. Yes, they are really stunning. Have you seen my driftwood Christmas tree yet? Px