Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Complicated - A Dream Home

It's Complicated has been on HBO these past few nights, and I can't get enough. I not only laugh hysterically (especially when Meryl Streep and Steve Martin get high), but I cry, and most enjoyably drool over the set.

Her home makes me want to live in Santa Barbara and become a glorious cook within the sophisticated and wise interiors that make up her home and bakery. Don't you agree about the interiors evoking a sophisticated and wise feeling? The accessories look more like well-loved artifacts and I adore the combination of fine antiques, rustic looking furniture pieces, and crisp white slipcovers.

Her life ain't too shabby either, I love seeing her exercise during her morning runs, and heading off to her beautiful bakery which she is so passionate about. She has great friends to wine with, and three adorable children. Then she gets the passionate affair with Alec, and sweet man, Steve, to become her boyfriend. Oh, and she's getting her already beautiful home, redone.
bamboo shades, open shelving, carrara marble, just lovely! 
I love how she uses the antique desk beside her bed

I'll take all of those, thank you!


thank you Traditional Home for the beautiful photos!


  1. We just watched this movie for the 100th time..we own it on Blue-ray. I love love love everything about it. These pics that you found are amazing. And yes, I want to live in Santa Barbara and work in 'The Bakery' too!

  2. i love open shelving in a kitchen. it makes adds that homey feel!

  3. I love the movie. Great inspiration!

    Amy R.

  4. Kudos to the set designer. This is one of my design inspiration movies.