Wednesday, August 4, 2010

White Washing Bliss

There can be no cleaner touch that white - take a dark table, paint it white - it's fresh - take your yellow walls and paint them white - clean - distress an old wooden chair with white and have it reupholstered - chic. It's wonderful what a little white can do as shown in photos below:

my little projects:
However, I agree with this excerpt from stylehive, "Designers often go the shabby chic route when interpreting this look, filling rooms with whitewashed furniture and overly feminine prints, but if you ask me, those rooms smell of mothballs when they should smell of crisp, salt air. Kick the wicker furniture to the curb and put a contemporary twist on coastal style with hip colors, bold prints, and clean lines."


  1. I have grown to love white...White walls are so clean and fresh...and the perfect backdrop for bold paintings.

    Jane (artfully graced)

  2. I love white! It is my first color of choice. Your projects turned out great and the pictures are beautiful!

  3. It´s a fantastic Before - After. Congratulations. Kisses, Ana

  4. Love everything white.. such a crisp, clean, beachy look :)