Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shop Tour Part Two: The Drawing Room

Moving right along to our next Fairfield County Home destination, The Drawing Room in Cos Cob (Greenwich), CT. One word: Fabulous. The husband and wife duo have got right with this spectacularly unique home decor shop and cafe/tea house eatery. It was a rainy day when mom and I went and it felt like walking into someone's fashionable chic living room and kitchen, such a good vibe given off by the friendly staff and uber chic design. I love everything and couldn't stop snapping away:

Now for the EATS!

I love the mis-matching chairs!

yes, we indulged just a bit!

our funny waitress!

How awesome is this establishment?


  1. Where in Greenwich is this? I want to go there like ASAP!!

  2. What I would give to have something with that kind of charm in Las Vegas...

  3. Oh wow!! This looks wonderful. I love the first shot, it's so welcoming. And I love the middle cushion in shot #10. Pruxxx P.S. Love that you stopped by my blog... I'm away skiing until Tuesday but have some interesting posts coming up!! Pruxxx

  4. FUN, fUn! I love places like that. But I especially am loving those aqua french doors.

  5. So awesome! Thanks for reminding me about this great little spot! xx

  6. my kind of place! I am so inspired by your research and development of Shorely Chic. These shops are a nice window into your town and hopefully the future home of Shorely Chic enterprises!