Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shop Tour Part One - Greenwich

As I'm sure many of you know my ultimate goal is to open a home decor/gift boutique in my little town (or anywhere) and have design services offered as part of the shop.  Recently, my mom and I did some exploring to see what is currently offered in our area and what an abundance of creative and innovative shops did we discover here in Fairfield County - what inspiration! I'll start my tour with one of the great shops we visited in Greenwich, CT and will have to continue with the others in a later post, there is just too much fabulousness to cram into one entry~

First stop, Abigail Fox in Old Greenwich:


I love all the unique artisan work she features and the whole elegant, yet casual vibe she sets in the shop. 

Tomorrow: The Drawing Room!


  1. I love this shop. Amazing stuff. Is that a large wooden birdcage? I am going to see if there is a website for this shop.

  2. I will take two of everything! Even the bicycle, we could go tour in tandem. This shop is AMAZING! She had me at the stoop with the bicycle. So looking forward to The Drawing Room.

  3. the butterfly dresser is beautiful !

  4. Gorgeous shop, I hope you open yours one day!

  5. me too, formerly. Lisa, how fun would that be?!

  6. I almost don't dare go into beautiful shops, the temptation is too much to bear!