Sunday, April 25, 2010

Great Things from Darien Trunk Show

Happy Sunday to you all! I've really missed blogging these past few days as everything kind of took a back seat during the three-day trunk show this weekend at Megan Dey Photography. Megan had Shorely Chic, Itty Bitty Bag and Spotted Dog Jewelry.

It's been so wonderful living in a town with such strong support for local small businesses, I just love it! We even had press there and will have an article in the Darien News!

The trunk show was great with a smashing Thursday night turnout with lots of buyers and yummy prosecco to go around. So many of my friends and family showed up and lots of people from around town.

Here are some photos I took of my set-up. Party pics will be up later :)

there's me all excited before Thursday's kick-off party

two cuties of Itty Bitty Bag hanging with me 

I love doing these trunk shows and parties, if you'd like to have one in your home or shop, please email me!


  1. Great setup and you look SO adorable with the pink and green ballons! xx

  2. Your set up is gorgeous! I love the throw pillows and trays. When I am lucky enough to purchase a shore house, I will definitely be buying these!

  3. very cool :) I'm very interested in selling with you guys at some other trunk show, if you wouldn't mind. Also, Liz, we should chat about your website at some point..

  4. Everything looked really beautiful Liz..congrats! Much success to you. :)
    hey, are you near Westin?

  5. Oh that is so much fun. I hope I can go on May2nd. I just love those frames with the seashells all around.

  6. Looks like a fabulous time:)
    I am getting ready to do a trunk show in 3 weeks:)
    I love doing them too!!!
    Glad you are doiong so well with your business!!
    Yeah for you~

  7. Glad to hear there was a good turn out and you did so well.

  8. awe thanks guys, you are the best and I couldn't wait to take the pics for the blog! Your comments are the best, and I love seeing them so very much :)

  9. Congrats...looks very exciting!

  10. It looks like such a fun event. I wish I lived in Darien, so I could partake in all the fun. Your stuff is beautiful.

  11. I am bummed I could not get back to the sale to p/u the cute vases!!Will you be in the Norwalk/Darien area soon?? I think I need a pink and purple one! Love Love Love your style!!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous! Love your blog!!