Monday, October 5, 2009

Julia Stiles and Shorely Chic?

Hola chicas/chicos :)

This seems to be turning into my weekly update, but one day, I know I will be blogging everyday! Things, "at the shop" as my dad would say are going great! I had an awesome week with 5 sales and I was also featured in two treasuries, REFLECTION and one which has already expired. I heard the treasuries are a great way to get exposure, loving it, loving this, loving Shorely Chic - hehe. I can't even explain the excitement I get when I open my newly set up shorelychic email and read, "Etsy Order from.." It's so cool to think that someone from California or Michigan or even Sweden visited my shop and liked one of my items enough to purchase it for their homes :)

Here are some of the items I've sold so far:

This was my first sold item, to Brian for his mom's birthday :)

I had dinner with some of my old colleagues in nyc last week at this new "hip" restaurant RedheadNYC  and bumped into an old pal, Julia Stiles! Just kidding about the pal part but my friends couldn't stop laughing because as I was on my way out, I rested my bags down on a bar stool and slowly started putting on my coat when this pretty blonde girl told me the seat was taken... I explained that I was just resting my bag for a moment, when I realized who I was talking to! Of course, I was too shy and maybe even a bit star-struck to say anything but, "sorry about that, Julia!" She laughed...

It might be fall outside, but on Sunday when the weekend was just about over, Brian and I took a ride to one of our favorite little beaches in town called Pear Tree Point and just relaxed under the setting sun. It was so beautiful and peaceful, I took some photos to share:

aren't the clouds incredible??

I had to get my blue and white striped shirt in this one, it seemed to fit the scene so nicely :)

I've also added a bunch of new items to my shop, so check those out, and heart them if you like! Here's my new favorite:

Rustic Wooden Picture Frame, 18.00. I made it from an old wooden frame which was once plain and boring, painted in an antique white, and added some pretty paper to the front. Viola!

I hope to be back before the end of the week - have a good one!!


  1. I love those shells....very pretty work!

  2. hola! I am a california girl who just found you and your beautiful stuff. so gorgeous! look forward to getting to know you better, I am now a follower!