Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Florida Vacations and Years of Inspiration :)

I have grown up visiting the beautiful East Coast of Florida, at first when I was a little one to the Sebastian/Cocoa Beach area where my grandma had a home, and eventually to Jupiter, where my parents purchased their second home. I love going there for the beach and the whole vibe of the tropical lifestyle -- so much outdoor recreation like beach-going, tanning (hehe), body-surfing, surfing, kite-boarding, fishing, water-skiing, etc... and then there are the beach shops, the surfers, the tropical seafood restaurants, the tiki bars, easy-going people, pina coladas, and the list goes on...BLISS!

Going to Florida is such a simple trip from Connecticut, a 2.5 hour plane ride so I do it as often as I can! My next trip down will be in December for a long weekend with five of my closest gal pals! That trip will be filled with beach, sun, long dinners, wine, and tiki bars - life is good!

I've included some photos below of my favorite destination!

Me and Bri a few years ago at the Jupiter Beach

Me and my Mama

I love Miss Trish of Capri! That's her adorable shop in Palm Beach.

A beautiful shell mirror in Palm Beach

Me and Lauren at the Breakers, Palm Beach

The beautiful lighthouse in Jup.

The prettiest sunset wedding in Naples, Florida last November!

My seat at the wedding - I love that shot!

Watching the sunset in Naples :)

I have so many wonderful memories of Florida and have my family to thank for taking me all these years! So much of Shorely Chic comes from the inspiration of my time spent there, and I look forward to many years of vacations and inspiration to come!


  1. Hello! Great to find your blog through your comment on Erin's turquoise blog... :)

    I am a fellow florida lover who resides in South Beach!

    Love Naples and Palm Beach, too...

    Enjoy your trip!

  2. I've never been to Jupiter, but I hear it's a real nice town..., looks like it. Love the lighthouse!

  3. Such beautiful photos! And now I have a sudden urge to go stencil sea horses all over my house. :)

  4. I'm glad I found your blog! This post caught my eye since I live right here in Jupiter and just got home from letting the boys swim by the lighthouse! You have beautiful things in your Etsy shop and I'm going to browse back through and find a gift for myself!

  5. I LOVE the Breakers! My fav place to go to for breakfast (in the round room overlooking the ocean)... such fabulous food too! :)