Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Fun and Progress with Shorely Chic

I had a total Shorely Chic weekend and it was well-needed and very productive!! Oh, before I forget, I got a Twitter account and I'm not too swift on it yet, likewise with the blogging :( I'm trying, though!

Brian was away sky-diving with his little brother so I took full advantage of my time to work on the biz :) It gets so hard during the week to fit it in so I have to take my weekends very seriously! My mom and I worked on projects all weekend long which included our shell frames, angel ornaments for the Holidays (we're making thirty, do you think that's enough??), flea markets, tag sales, good food, and good wine!

Here are some pics of the action :)

I found this awesome piece at a tag sale on Saturday morning. I plan on painting it Florida Aqua color and putting it on my Etsy site :)

me and mom, Louise, on the porch enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon

glittered shells waiting to be turned into angels!

love this!

biggest shell frame yet!! A breathtaking work of art which took Louise over a month to complete!

Two new frames, the Nantucket Shell Frame (left) and the Simply Chic Shell Frame (right)

And a grilled margarita pizza to boot!

Today was also an awesome day. I was accepted into a craft fair/benefit on November 9th (!!!!) my first one so I will be needing lots of help, and I got a text message from an old co-worker asking if I do wedding favors! I haven't but I would take that opportunity in a heartbeat :) I am thinking little picture frames adorned with shells and pearls for each guest - thoughts anyone? Please leave any and all suggestions you have for me!

Okay, off to bed to end a lovely Monday. Nighty-night!


  1. Looks like you guys were hard at work all weekend! Your projects all look all the frames! And I can't wait to see how that corner shelf turns out after it's painted my favorite color!!!

  2. What a great weekend with plenty of awesome projects~

  3. looks so fun and omg that pizza looks sooo GOOD! :)


  4. you have certainly had a productive weekend,looks like fun too!

  5. Hi! Thank you so much for following me! I'll return the favor! Where in CT did you go to school? I'm originally from there (Hamden)... aww, how I miss the east coast!

  6. Hey! Found you via your Twitter question.
    You could have a giveaway and get your Fans and Followers to Twitter about it as part of the drawing.
    Also, I host a group called New England Bloggers at my blog. There's a button on my right side bar to take you to it. If it sounds like something that interests you, just leave a comment.

  7. How could I not be in love with a Shorely Chic blog? ;-) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog...your projects are terrific (as is your Etsy store...just had a look-see). Best of luck! I'll definitely be back :-)