Monday, September 28, 2009

Hmmm - some progress, slow but progress nonetheless :)

So as you can figure out from reading earlier posts, this is a new adventure for me, starting this business, this blog, a twitter account (yikes) and a facebook fan page! Yep, I think I'm in just about every social networking online device possible, except for maybe myspace which I refuse to join.

It's been about two months since I that day I came home for lunch in July and told my boyfriend, "I got it! 'Shorely Chic'"! From that point on, it's been such a fun and exciting journey.  My mother and I are working on this together and what a wonderful thing that has done for both of us - she is a reading specialist at an elementary school in our town and is really busy with that, but when she comes home and on the weekends, she loves working on the crafts and coming along on shopping ventures with me. We're like partners in this and is so nice and special to share it with her.

I swear, through Etsy, and meeting other bloggers, I have learned so so much about the world of marketing today, and running a personal/hobby turned business. The people I have come across in these forums have been so incredibly helpful, I honestly can't imagine feeling more welcomed into a community of people. It is so great to have a network of people all expressing their creative spirits in their writing in blogs and comments, and in their craft. I am so happy to have found you all!

Some really awesome things that have happened are reaching over 200 fans on my facebook fan page,, having been featured in three blogs,,, one of my first and favorite blogs!, and getting 8 sales in my Etsy shop! Ok so Brian bought my first item, and my best friend bought my second...STILL :)

I have developed several goals and the ultimate one is this: to become a home product designer that people recognize all over the United States, maybe one day the world, and a famous interior designer. At the same time, though, I want to be a family-woman, married with children, live on the beach (not sure where yet, I am from CT and winters are way too long, but I love the seasons), and own a few dogs. I think I might just be on the right path!

I'd be interested in reading about other people's progress in their hobby turned business endeavors - please comment if you know of any :)

I'm going to rest this Monday night... it was lovely getting this all out and I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Happy Halloween Decorating!

Green Fire-King mugs, not exactly Shorely Chic but I thought they were really cool so I put them up on Etsy, maybe someone will really want them!

The top of my Coral Pink Shell Mirror on Etsy. I found this old tired mirror from a thrift store and brought it back to life with one of my favorite colors :)

My mom made this and we call it the Palm Beach Shell Encrusted Mirror because it reminds us of a shell mirror from the famous Breakers resort in Palm Beach, FL.

The perfect tailgate vehicle from this past weekend at the Yale vs. Cornell football game.

me getting a smooch on the cheek and loving it!


  1. I'm so excited about all your progress! I am shocked to hear it's only been TWO months since you started!!! Congrats on all your well-deserved success so far!

    I started Decor By Color as a hobby, and it's now my full-time job. It's hard work, but it does happen!

    I am off to be your fan on Facebook!

  2. Hello! I'm in much the same situation as you, in that I've just started an Etsy shop and gotten into all the same online communities. I'm happy for you that you've had such good progress so far. :)

  3. Progress is so exciting! I know how it feels to open up an online shop -- it's crazy scary, but oh so fun. Best of luck to you in all you do!

  4. very fun! it is so inspiring to see women share their dreams via blogs and go for it! love your work... I am crazy for shells and anything blue and green, the little green mugs are cute :)