Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Good Morning, Lovelies! Today I'm going to show you how to make an incredibly easy fall wreath and host a fun party while you're at it ;) This past Friday night, I hosted five of my close friends for a craft night where we ate yummy fall favorites, drank (lots of) wine, and made a super cute fall craft! 

I went to Michaels and looked around for the most inexpensive way to make a nice fall statement and something that would be easy to whip up in a night without much skill or concentration (insert wine) required. What I came up with were these monogrammed fall wreaths. 

What you need: 

18" - 24" grapevine wreath
A strand of berry garland
mini pumpkins or any type of 1"-2" pieces of fall potpourri 
 6" burlap ribbon 
wooden letter of your last name
mixed green yarn/moss/spray paint...something to cover your letter

very simply you weave the berry garland in and out of the branches of the grapevine wreath

hot glue the mini pumpkins around your wreath 

then you wrap the yarn around your letter gluing pieces where necessary, espeically around the bends of the letter. I was going for the moss look but that was too expensive for the group so I found this yarn that I thought had a close resemblance. 

Tie a burlap bow on the top, hang your letter with twine around the wreath and there you have it! 

My friend Lauren spray painted her letter black and I think it looks great (and much easier than wrapping it in yarn)

Cute, right?! 

Fairfield County Peeps: Want to host a craft party? Email me for rates!  

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  1. This is a great idea! It looks cute but easy to do. Thanks for sharing!