Monday, December 3, 2012


Happy Monday, Shorelies! Where is the time going?? The weeks just seem to fly by and I can't seem to do much of anything these days but RELAX on the weekends with Brian and Jack. I have SO much Christmas shopping to do but I work best under pressure so I guess I have lots of time before that stresser strikes :)

We trimmed our tree this weekend and I have to say it is definitely our best one yet! We bought the tree from our favorite local farmers/grocery/amazingness store, Stew Leonards, and it was the first one we spotted in the lot. Brian normally likes to go through and through...and through the stock but this year he was on my same love at first sight page :)

Today I'm going to show you how to make an amazingly simple sparkle tree topper out of two white starfish:

All you need is spray adhesive, pretty white or clear fine glitter and a glue gun!

Once you've sprayed your starfish and applied the glitter, put a big ole' glob of hot glue in the center and place one on top of the other.

And voila! You've got yourself a coastal inspired sparkly tree topper! 

I used a clear twist tie to secure the starfish in place, but any light wire or clear tie will do the trick. 

Happy Crafting :) 

I thought I'd try and get the Christmas picture done this morning but as you can see someone was not cooperating...


  1. cute idea. I have a Santa Starfish someone made, me that I love. I love you idea!

  2. Love the starfish and your dog looks so cute!!

  3. Haha, you need to upload this to Love the starfish.

  4. Such a cute idea, and love your doggie photo.

  5. Awesome idea. And your dog is ADORABLE!!! I'm trying to make some coastal decorations too. So fun!

  6. First of all, the starfish idea is great! And second, that last picture is to die for! haha What a cutie!

  7. What a cute idea! So original. Just found your blog. New Follower.

  8. that's just lovely!! Now, I have to tell you, however, the picture of your adorable pooch steels the show!
    Still waiting for a phone call... I'll come your way!