Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Modern Montauk Lake House

There is definitely something to be said for clean lines and white simplicity in a beach house:


doesn't it look so peaceful?

I love the wood panels - that is the perfect finish of wood for a beach house.

and the guest house:


You know I'm not normally one for the minimalistic modern look, but I could see this being a very relaxing environment for a busy New York City family, a place to come away from the hustle and bustle and just the sea :)

I wish my plans this weekend involved being a guest at this modern abode in my favorite Montauk!


  1. Heaven! This place is amazing, so super chill!

  2. Wow! This house is perfection. I love all the white and the clean lines and how simple and chill it is.

  3. This place is incredible! The open concept makes it so inviting and the crisp lines make it seem so elegant meets chill kind of way. I love it!


  4. aBsolutely gorgeous home!! Love the paneled wood wall!!!

  5. I owuld be happy with the guest house alone. PERFECT outdoor shower, too!