Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Entertaining from IKEA

I was in IKEA the other day and was inspired to write a post on the chic summer party you could throw from all the goodies in the marketplace.

Honestly a party like this:

could come straight from IKEA. Here's what you need to buy: 

6. Tekla Dish Towel (best dishtowels EVER and could be cute napkins)
7. Sofia fabric by the yard (for your tablecloth)
8. Walmart Ball Jar Packs (for drinking and/or flowers) IN STORES

With a little improvising from Walmart for the ball jars and maybe even some burlap for a table runner or napkin tie, and Etsy for the paper straws, you could throw a chic little outdoor soiree for great price. 

I was also inspired to write this post after last night's Twitter Party with Wayfair hosted by Erika Johnson of Radiant Republic. We were chatting about the key elements to summer entertaining and here are some of the highlights: 

1. Have everything prepared before your guests arrive so you can actually be a hostess and not a chef/waitress
2. Have some fun summer island music on (Use Pandora)
3. Use real plates and linens instead of paper (you can buy the cheapies from IKEA!)
4. Make a signature cocktail for your guests

What are your tips to hosting a great summer party?! Have a great summer cocktail recipe? Favorite radio station on I Heart Radio? Summer recipe?

Please share with us in the comments below!


  1. Love this post..... I bought plastic flat wear @ the dollar store that looks exactly like silver wear. I love the ikea towels and use them all the time . Just bought new one for napkins !!!

  2. great round up! I love Ikea and wish that it wasn't 4 hours away.

  3. Love the Ikea party ideas. We are huge Ikea fans in our house!

  4. I loved the chat the other night, so many great ideas!
    I'll have to pop into ikea soon, this is some cute stuff!