Monday, June 25, 2012


What a great weekend had with friends in the charming historic seaside town of Noank, Connecticut at the Morgan Point Lighthouse. A colleague of Brian invited us up to his in-law's family home that is the restored Morgan Point Lighthouse... little did he know about a little blog called Shorely Chic :)

The lighthouse was built in 1868 and bought by our friend's father in 1991 in a completely dilapidated state. Since then, the lighthouse has has been transformed into a warm home filled with the most extensive nautical collection outside of a museum I've ever seen.

Let's go for a little tour, shall we?

the piece above is from the Titanic! 

how cool, right??


climbing up to the top

picture perfect weather and boats galore...

most of the bedrooms and living area were in the house to the left

possibly the best lobster roll I've ever had

And the charming town which really made you feel like you were stepping back in time:

We had such a beautiful weekend! Thank you to Ian and Debbie for being such gracious hosts and having us at this Connecticut gem!


  1. Wow - that was very cool. What a unique opportunity to get a personal tour of that.

  2. Beautiful photos Liz! Love the table with the prop! You are making me home sick for CT!

  3. Gorgeous photos and gorgeous lighthouse.

  4. stunning photographs, loved to visit one day!

  5. Liz, it looks amazing! Abbotts is by far my most favorite lobster roll too! We used to have houses in Groton Long Point, not far from Noank so we frequented Abbotts during the summer. Thanks so much for sharing. The lighthouse seems charming and so interesting - what a wonderful weekend you must have had :) Hope to see you soon!

  6. Just discovered your blog and Love your style! Cant wait to start following.

  7. Wow! What an amazing home and lighthouse! Love all the nautical treasure in the home. And I love that white picket fence!!

  8. How fun!! Love your blog and boutique on etsy. thanks for following me!! Xoxo, Tina

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  10. I was born and raised in Connecticut and my family & still lives there now (I had the misfortune of having to move to PA a few years ago). I came across your blog accidentally today and I am SO happy I did !! The lighthouse looks nothing like I remember... they did an amazing job with the renovations! I'm going home for a visit in 2 weeks and when I visit a friend in New London I am going to swing by and see it up close. Thanks for the great pics!