Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beach House Chic in Stamford, Connecticut

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of taking a visit to the uber chic beach house of some of my favorite people in fashion. The home of Bill & BJ Gedney, owners of Hat Attack - Buji Baja rests on the edge of the Long Island Sound in the Shippan area of Stamford, Connecticut, a gorgeous area for beach lovers!

It was a beautiful day and after having a nice chat on the lounges of their colorful patio, we got down to business and headed inside for a tour.

I loved all the colors on the patio, simply achieved by adding bright colored outdoor cushions to the sofas.

It really is a dog's life here in Hat Attack land! This is Maxie, their golden retriever.

Remember my post on straw hat wall decor? Well it certainly is perfected here in the entry, I mean who could do it better than the founders of a straw hat company!?

What I loved most about the house was the mix of styles you see everywhere and the fact that there is a story behind every single piece of decor. There's nothing more personal and "homey" to me than a collected look -- of course you have to have an eye to make it look chic and not cluttered. BJ and Bill certainly have that eye. 

The original painting by Peter Layne Arguimbau (above) looked so proud hanging over the fireplace. There was something so authentic about it, a piece you could tell was close to the family's heart.

I was in seashell heaven

They have an awesome collection of vintage posters:

These seasonal Yves Saint Laurent prints were my favorite:

The master bath just had a makeover and I love the way it turned out:

These soaps really got me, I love the way they look in this vintage wire soap dish. Their daughter brought them home from Paris and BJ remarked that she couldn't wait for her bathroom to be done so she could put them on display - it really is the little things...

A framed receipt from the couple's time in Key West - here was a signed tab from famed writer Tennessee Williams, BJ was his waitress.

pretty nightstand and I happen to love that the shade is tilted, gives it character. 

Thank you to BJ, Bill, and daughter Cooper for inviting Shorely Chic into your home - it is beautiful!


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  2. Oh, I want to be there. Love the tour with all of the fabulous art, shells and beautiful views.... Here's to Summer!!

  3. what a gorgeous home. i love the hats, the rustic furniture & shell boxes!
    thanks for the tour.

  4. That. patio. is AMAZING!!! I wish I were there right now!!!


  5. I love the patio, and that YSL print is gorgeous, I have a small book of those posters!