Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beach Perfection by Tobi Tobin

It was love at first sight when I read the title of the spread, "California Dreaming" in the current issue of Lonny Magazine. The California home of Tobi Tobin is complete and utter perfection to me. First, it's on the Pacific Ocean, and does what I love so much in a home - brings the refreshed state of being you get from the ocean inside, with style. 

Check it out: 

lots of vintage goodies fill the home with character, make it look collected over time

that view...

HEART tripod lamps

love the mix of vintage and modern with natural elements abound

lots of mirrors make the smaller space look larger


books never fail as accessories

hats and bags hanging on a wall are my favorite

long live the fedora

happy to see she has white appliances like me - who says stainless steel is the only way to go?

it must be nice to wake up to this!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Get the Look post on how to outfit your home like Tobi --

{images via Lonny Mag}


  1. Home run on this one - love it, Kellie in Vero Beach, FL

  2. I could move in.. the light, the airiness, the comforts...

  3. You were not exaggerating—this really is the best beach house. Perfect, really.

  4. What a beautiful,beautiful beach house!
    I love the mirrors over the cooker and i nearly died when i just realized the large one to the left is exactly the same as the one hanging in Mothers hallway,should i ask for it hmmm?
    We have a collection of hats that i am going to hang in our cottage,i think it looks dreamy x

  5. What I would do for a Malibu pad like this one... And could should have a cuter name? I mean seriously.

  6. I live in Manhattan Beach and close to the beach and I wish we had more of this style here (we're just south of Malibu). This is a beach house done to perfection. I'm a lover of all things white and this is the perfect place to kick your heels up, read a book, sip wine, and just relax. Makes me Happy.

  7. p.s. I want that picture that says Beach house for mine. Any idea where she got it.

  8. Thank you Shorely Chic for your LOVELY BLOG...We are very grateful for your support! Love your great..Thank you again, Tobi Tobin

  9. Such great vignettes and styling! Lovely.

  10. Love! I saw the spread in Lonny and have been obsessed with the living room since!

  11. absolutely beautiful!!! love these rooms!

  12. One of my favorites. This is how I decorate my sea cottage, same colors of white, espresso, sand, and sea with texture from natural elements. Only I don't have that amazing view.