Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New England Classic

There is something that warms my heart when I see a home like this. It reminds me of long days at the beach, outdoor showers, corn on the cob and lobsters, and the most restful sleeps at night. With all that's going on these days, I want to be spending time at a home like this, right this very minute! Yes, vacation is certainly calling, and my sleep wasn't the most restful last night :)

Victoria Hagen designed this beautiful Nantucket home and absolutely everything about it is unmistakably New England Classic. 

very Ralph Lauren (Victoria Hagen)

I love that side stripe on the stair runner!

Now close your eyes and go there for a few minutes :)


  1. Wow - what a peaceful relaxing looking home...with such great style. I don't know what room I love the best...and I love the landscaping. So natural looking.

  2. I love this home! Beautiful, classic and calm. I'm totally soaking in that tub right now.

  3. Love the home, love the setting and love the design...three winning components! There is nothing like being near water!

  4. WOW! Looks like heaven in a house! Love all the white...especially the bathroom!

  5. This is a perfect summer home, on a grand scale. I used to spend many weeks ends in Nantucket while studying in Boston and it truly is a gem of an island.