Friday, July 22, 2011

Horizontal Wood Paneling

I'm so digging horizontal wood paneling these days! It's so beachy and really makes a statement in the home. The designer I am working with this summer did it in one of our client's homes and I almost screamed when I first saw it.

 mix it with bamboo shades and you have beachy perfection...

funny, I've been in this bathroom. I was styling a house for a dinner party in Rowayton, CT and was delighted to go on a little tour and find it :) 

a very rustic version

ADORE the wood beam in the center, and this bedding from West Elm

I think I prefer them white, but you can add color, too!


Southern Living Idea House by Tracery Interiors

And if you're not up for the project of creating paneling, you can always paint them on:

House Beautiful
The Lettered Cottage
All About Walls


  1. Fabulous! Like being on a beach vacation all year long :)

  2. I love that look. Friends of ours did it to the interior of their pool house- perfection!! Have a lovely weekend!


  3. I grew up with that look in my family's first home. I didn't care for it then. I wish I had it now!

  4. I agree, Love it!! I like the casual feel and texture it gives to a room, great examples in this post! Happy Friday!! kathysue

  5. LOVE! So perfect for a summery feeling in any room :)

  6. Love the lines, love the texture, but most of all love that this is so casually appealing. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I have those white Norvald chairs in the first photo from Coastal Living. Love them! and love the wood paneling.

  8. Love the horizontal panels, too!

    The mirror decor wall is my favorite and the vertical contrast with the curtains pics are great too. :)

    xo xo from Miami Beach

  9. I love this look! You know the third picture of the bathroom is the house next door to mine! See you Wednesday morning. Caroline

  10. Hi! I'm late to finding this post, but do you know where the bed in the 9th pic came from? I have seen it online in a few pics, but there is no reference anywhere as to where it is from. The one with the blueish planked walls behind it? If you can tell me that would be great! Thanks!

  11. I love this look and want to use it in my beach condo. Can you tell me what material is used to acheive the look? We are trying to figure out how to do it. Is it individual planks, tongue and groove, outdoor siding? Any help would be appreciated!