Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wedding Time!

So, wedding is 6 months away and I hate to admit it but I haven't been planning so much! I've been so busy with design work (which is a good thing, of course!) that the wedding has taken a back seat. For instance, mom has her complete wardrobe picked out: what she is going to wear to the shower, the rehearsal dinner, wedding of course, etc... Me? Only the dress!

That's sort of how I work though, I'm not productive unless I'm under a tight deadline. I hate that about me because I always get myself all stressed out trying to get everything done...new goal: work hard regardless of deadlines.

I was browsing the internet last night for some inspiration and I love all of these:


Love these and perfect colors!

I love this phrase and would like to incorporate it somehow...

obsessed with blue mason jars and I have tons

I would LOVE to do mismatched china but for 200 people at a destination wedding, that might be really hard, sigh...

I love these flowers because they aren't screaming "Hey look how money I spent on these grand flowers!" Simple = elegant in my book!

 And some cute accessories by Calypso {below}

 And Shoshanna

fun for the Thursday night welcome bash!

this aqua dress would be perfect for the rehearsal, I'm ordering it!


Do you LOVE??


  1. Eeeekkk!! Love all of this inspiration!!! And you could still do mismatched china if there was a good rental company nearby! So exciting!

  2. i love it all ~ that dress up there is actually my wedding dress :) swoon!

    wedding planning is the best :)

  3. Super cute! Look at some of the Jcrew dresses for your bridesmaids - they have some beautiful aqua/green ones!

  4. The inspiration pics are dreamy. Amazing. And that Aqua dress is adorable- perfect for the rehearsal.

  5. i am like you, with the move, the wedding has taken a back seat but I don't have an exact date so I am not too worried. Love the cluth and those dresses, so pretty! Thanks for the inspiration and I will be coming back for more!

  6. loveee those coral invitations and love that dress! Those invitations are some of the prettiest, classiest "beachy" invites I've ever seen!

  7. Great invites and like the aqua dress you picked.

  8. I love it all! If anyone is going to have a wedding that's bananas...it's you!!!

    One of my favorite wedding planners is Tara Geraurd of Soiree. Have you checked them out? Great parties and ideas!

    xo Elizabeth

  9. where is the aqua dress from? love the mismatched china, too :)

  10. i love every bit!!! especially those flowers!!