Monday, February 14, 2011

Think Pink

If I wasn't trying to save money as a soon-to-be-wed gal, I'd like to get my hands on these adorable pink goodies from some of my favorite brands...
more than the shirt, this adorable floppy beach hat from Roxy is a must

and this dress is to die...(also from Roxy)

Happy Valentine's Day my sweeties!!


  1. I am loving this hat! I need a big floppy hat...will have to check this one out.

  2. So pretty! I am trying to stay away from JCrew :)

  3. Ya gotta love Lilly P!
    Her clothes are so...Florida!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day....I could take one of everything! I think I NEED that pink Tory towel for summer!!

    xo Elizaeth

  5. Very pretty...But your money saving is for a better reason than a cute dress!! So save away!!

  6. happy valentine's day to you! I LOVE everything here, we have similar taste.

    hope you have a sweet night.