Friday, January 7, 2011

California Dreamin' by Kristen Hutchins

For me, the most important piece to keep in mind when designing an interior is to keep the style and flow condusive to how the owner wants to feel when they walk through their doors. Most of the time, I am designing to give off the feelings of calmness, tranquility, peace, refreshment, and easy-breezy. I come to an understanding of what the client wants by walking along in the shoes of their daily life. (I can do this for you! See the Design Services tab)

If I were to choose a designer for my own home based on how I want to feel, I would choose Kristen Hutchins. I found her designs and it was love at first sight. A California based designer who put her time in with designers Ruthie Sommers and Kelly Wearstler, she paints the California Chic style to a 'T'. When I think of the sunny state's Pacific Ocean inspired interiors, I think of bright, colorful, surfer-y, laid back, eclectic, somewhat modern, and just plain 'cool'. I want to hang out with the people who live in these homes, drink sangria and laugh and swim the day away under the sun. Hek, what am I saying, I want to BE one of these people (as I write this blog post there are snow flurries out my office window and I can hear the traffic and sirens from the street...)

And for the imagery:


Kristen, you are fabulous!


  1. Those ottomons int he second to last photo are fab!

  2. i JUST found your blog-and i am already in love!

  3. I love love love all of these spaces! Especially that first one I can just imagine myself there with a cocktail in hand!

  4. Wow...what beautiful and lovely spaces:)

    ps...I am having a give-away on my blog if you have a minute to stop over!!!!!!

  5. What lovely spaces! Especially the one by the pool! Enjoy the gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

  6. My new years resolution is to travel more. I am shopping for plane tickets to California! I love the creams and blues together and do not think I will ever get tired of it. Thanks for the little trip. We're expecting snow again in N.C.

  7. What beautiful pictures! I also love the ones by the pool. Great Blog. Glad I found it!

  8. These are all beautiful rooms with such sophisticated but fun colour schemes. I love those white dining chairs...gorgeous!

    *Tania @

  9. Liz,
    I love your blog, and I wanted you to know that I’m awarding you the “Stylish Blogger Award”. This award is passed on from blogger to blogger. I received the award from someone, and I’m passing the award to you. Part of this award is to write seven things about yourself (in your blog post) and pass this award to 15 other recently discovered blogs you think deserve this award too.
    You can see my post and the link for the award here:
    Sara Kate

  10. Just discovered your blog. Love this post and all of the images. Love the Andalusia and Denpasar outdoor furnishings by Richard Frinier for Century Furniture in the first two pictures. Very proud to appear here in your fabulous scribe.

  11. Just love all the tufting and I'm with Catherine - love all the elegant outdoor furniture as well