Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sponsorships Open!!

Morning Friends! I am going to begin a sponsorship program on my blog for those interested in placing a button sized advertisement on the top right column to gain exposure for their business, blog, etsy shop, whatever! At this point, I feel that Shorely Chic is ready for this next step, and I hope I am able to spread the love to the sponsors by having my visitors, visit them!

Below are all of the details, and if you or anyone you know might be interested, please direct them to this post. Thank you!!!

>>Welcome to Shorely Chic advertising! I am so glad you are considering this opportunity to grow your business with me. I have a strong relationship with my followers on blogger, twitter, and facebook and I would love to introduce them to you. Listed below are the details involved in purchasing an advertisement, and I would encourage you to participate in this sponsorship opportunity to gain greater exposure in the online community and beyond!


1. A button size ad of size 125 x 125 which will be posted on my blog, right below my own button of the same size on a monthly basis

2. A blog post at the start of your sponsorship introducing you to my blog readers

3. A facebook post linking to your business’ facebook page and website

4. Twitter updates throughout the month about your business


1. Shorely Chic Blog with an average of 325 visitors/day

2. Shorely Chic Facebook page with over 1850+ fans

3. Shorely Chic Twitter with over 1400 followers


You, Me, and approximately 3500 others who follow me

How Much:

20.00 USD per month


50.00 USD per three months
Please email to get started!

**I am offering 50% off of these rates as a first time offer to help us get started until Sunday, October 24**


  1. Good for you darling! I am happy for you!

  2. We'de love to be part of your sponsorship program ! Just wrote you a mail! Talk to you soon!

  3. Good luck. I know you are going to do awesome with sponsorships.