Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pillow Sale!

Since I started the Shorely Chic retail venture I have had a pretty even steady of inventory. My supply meets my demand just fine and I rarely fret. I do however, at this moment, feel I have too many pillows in stock so I am having my first 'sale' if you will. I'd like to get my pillows moving and out there in other people's homes to enjoy, rather than sitting in my storage area!

All of the pillows below are for sale in my shop and you can get %15 off by entering 'FACEBOOK' from my fan page at check out :)

Happy Shopping!


  1. Love your pillows off to browse the sale!

  2. I am loving that Captain's Anchor there. Glad I found you, come by and meet The Captain and I at

  3. These are just so pretty!
    Carolyn told me she met you! So cool...feel its just a matter of time until we meet as well! :)
    Off to peruse your shop, think I need some Shorely Chic here in the woods!

  4. My favorites are the starfish, coral and "Keep Calm" in blush pink :)

  5. my fave is the first one with diamonds... it is absolutely SHORELY GORGEOUS!... but i don't see it on your site.. thanks for sharing such lovely pillows and photos with us.

    cathy b
    projecthope7 at gmail dot com