Monday, January 11, 2010

Modern Rococo

I love reading about trends in interior design and especially as they relate to periods in art history. Art history was my major in college which landed me an awesome internship at Christie's Auction House during my senior year where I saw amazing works of art up close all of the time. This is where my love for art and interiors really came to life!
It is so enjoyable and interesting for me to be revisiting the works of art I studied and comparing them to interiors and decorative objects I am in contact with daily. I thought it would be neat to compare some of my items against works of art from the Rococo period as many of them are very similar in style! The femininity of Shabby Chic very much resembles that of the Rococo period. Below are some Rococo works of art in the style which dominated French design from 1730 to 1765, during the reign of Louis XV. - this is an excellent overview of the period from the Cooper Hewitt musuem in NYC.

Rococo - lots of pink, gold, fancy, decorated, feminine, flirty, and very pretty in my opinion :) - that was fun!


  1. love how you weave history into your very modern sentiments of design - great job!

  2. Very nice! I love seeing the connection between the two!