Thursday, June 9, 2011

Designer Feature: Mabley Handler

For years I have admired the work of Hamptons-based Mabley Handler Interior Design. Jennifer and Austin bring a modern and sophisticated look to their coastal projects, and what I love about them most is how they deliver that refreshed state of being I always talk about in their interiors. You feel light and airy just looking at the photos, imagine living in them!

The images I am about to show you are sure to have come before your eyes on other blogs and in magazines but I just had to get my favorites together for you in one place so you can enjoy this feast for the eyes:

Jennifer Mabley and Austin Handler (cute husband and wife who are some of the nicest people I have encountered in the industry)

Side note: I was once a little hesitant to take on a big long distance project. I tweeted one morning and asked any experienced designers if they would offer their assistance and give me a little guidance. This nice team of designers spend three hours with me on the phone mentoring me through their process and giving me advice!! 

Thank you Jennifer and Austin, a privilege to know you!


  1. Dear Liz,

    You could just sink into some of these

    Thank you for sharing.


    Coastal Blue Ocean

  2. I love all these rooms!! So beachy and calming:)

  3. Perfection! I think I loved every room which is a rarity for me with photos of houses...

    Thanks for sharing - best wishes on the boutique opening!


  4. I love blue and they do too! I was surprised to see the coral - such a great pop of color. I would love to move right in to any of those spaces.. Makes me want to re-decorate.

  5. Liz, thanks for the wonderful post, this was such a nice surprise to wake up to this morning! And thanks for all of the nice comments...Ridgely, yes we do love our signature grayish blue, but we still manage to throw in some pops of brighter colors here and there ;)
    Oh, and Liz forgot to mention one thing...That big job she was hesitant about? She walked in with confidence, nailed the interview, and got the job :) Go, Liz!

  6. I love their work. So beautiful. I would never get tired of looking at these photos. They are definitely a team I would hire. And what nice people to mentor and guide you about a project.

  7. Oh could you ever decide?
    They are all so beautiful!
    Gypsea Nurse

  8. Wow! They sound like lovely people! And their work is so beautiful:)
    Very serene and peaceful!

  9. Golly the images certainly are a feast for the eyes! And how lovely it is that the designers are sweethearts too! Nothing worse than admiring others work only to find out that they are not who they seem.
    Thank you for the dose of loveliness
    Morwenna x