Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When I Come Back, I Want To Be A Surfer

Yep. When I come back, I'm going to be a surfer. I'll decorate houses when it's not nice out, and when the weather is good, I will be on the beach all day under the sun with my buddies riding the waves...haha.

There are lots of surfers in the Jupiter Beach area, and I felt like I was in constant contact with them all weekend, they were all over the place.

Jupiter Beach

The Juno Beach Pier


I've been wanting ukelele music for our wedding ceremony and we randomly ran into these two surfer dudes who play when they aren't surfing, nice huh? We told them they had a year to practice!

The Dune Dog

"man's best friend"

Peace on the Beach

oh, hi.

kite boarding is very big in Jupiter Beach, this photo was taken on a windy day with so many boarders taking advantage mother nature

the ultimate surf mobile
This was our weekend under the sun in Florida!


  1. Looks so nice! ;) Loving the pictures. Glad you had a nice time!

  2. If there is one thing I never get bored of, it is watching surfers! Sitting on the beach, hearing the sounds of the ocean and seeing surfers makes me smile ear to ear. I learned to surf in Manhattan Beach, CA...it is addicting...I see why people run to the beach when the waves are good. I'm still a beginner though...going to take additional lessons in July...looking forward to my "quiet time!"

  3. I'm not a surfer myself but LOVE being at the beach - the crashing waves and sea air are exhilarating! Thanks for sharing - I need a little beachiness right about now in all this snowy cold! :)

  4. Those pictures are gorgeous! Looks like you're having a great time. :)

    I tried surfing this past summer in British Columbia... it was COLD but a lot of fun - and so exhausting! We went on a super windy day so I kept battling the waves trying to get out far enough, and ended up with windburn, sunburn, and probably saltburn. :) Need to hit the gym and get into better shape before trying again in the summer!

  5. Great photos. Looks like you had a wonderful time!!

  6. What an amazing week you must have had!! The water is so gorgeous and just soaking in all the local atmosphere must have been the best! I used to boogie board way back in the day and I would love to learn how to surf one day and every now and then, the waves on Lake Michigan are certainly big enough to try!

  7. Beautiful Pics!! Are you going to make the Juno Beach Pier Pic avaliable on Etsy? It is beautiful!!