Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vignette Party!

vi·gnette \vin-ˈyet, vēn-\: a small decorative design or picture so (just perfectly) placed. Don't you just love 'em? I love the whole idea of being able to decorate little pieces and places throughout the home to create a scene, to set the mood. I could spend hours in my home creating these little spaces!

There is a fine line however with these vignettes becoming kitschy and I think the key to keeping them classy is to not clutter the space with lots of little pieces like this:

ah!! source
Here are some fine examples of vignettes:


I love how a vignette was created on the bottom of the staircase!

on a fireplace looking awesome with the sea fan...
LOVE this via House Beautiful

and this via myhomeideas

from one of my favorite Westport stores, Dovecote via stylechronicle

love this real-life vignette from lisaferncreek.blogspot.com

I could spend hours playing around with little areas and snapping photos trying to get that magazine quality: Here are some from my former home:

and some more from Dovecote:

and the Drawing Room in Greenwich:

Have any vignettes in your home? Send along, I'd love to see!! 

*update* my blogger pal at Sealaura sent these my way and I just love her style and creativity:

she loves the one right above because it reminds her of beach vacations, cute isn't it?


  1. Amen! Great picture selection! The House Beautiful one is a fave of mine too!

  2. Thanks for including me LiZ, I am so honored!

  3. These are so nice. Especially love the one from House Beautiful.

  4. Hi Liz, just lovely. Doesn't natter what you have, its how you put it all together that counts to real style.

  5. i found your blog by accident and it has totally inspired me to also start my own as well I also found a pic that I know you would love of starfish garland if you get a chance peek on over and copy it for your blog.

  6. Love vignettes - small inspirations of perfection! That gray grouping is fabulous - just love that chic bathroom

  7. I love these pictures. I really like the vignette at the bottom of that beautiful room and that staircase that silver is so pretty.

  8. Love putting together different vignettes. Thanks for some great ideas!!!