Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting Creative

Starting a business is so phenomenal and exciting and I have very little complaints, however, the one that gets to me the most is with all the business stuff (marketing, numbers, research, promoting), the creative end takes a hit. Well, at least in my case...

This weekend however I got down to the business I love, creating, and had an absolute blast with it! 

Here are some photos of what I made:

oh, and then there's my new fave: Henry the Crab from Nantucket which I didn't create but fell in love with!

he's very chic and loves sitting on top of books about decor and travel:

As always, all of my creations are on sale at http://www.shorelychic.com/ - bloggers get a 10% discount, too :)


  1. Are those coasters? I love them!
    I can understand - I also have my own small business and find myself spending most of my days maintaining my website, packing orders, marketing, leaving little time for the fun creative part.

  2. Agree, packing shipping, keeping track of inventory gets in the way of creativity. Henry is cute!

  3. those are great Liz! I can also see how you fell in love with that crab. I love the way it looks set on top of the books.

  4. You ROCK!!!!
    I love it all all all:)

  5. Great job...those map items are fab!

  6. I love the coasters! They are so shabby chic and fabs!!