Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tres (Island) Chic Giveaway!!

In the early stages of Shorely Chic,  I came across a beautiful collection of printed home accessories from the Virgin Islands and I was immediately hooked. The natural printed patterns of shells and coral on pretty colored linens photographed in the island scenery had me at first 'click' (hehe). The artist, Gina Feddersen, is just as beautiful and was gracious enough to share her story with me and participate in a giveaway for my readers! yayyyy!
Beautiful natural linen cocktail napkins (set of four) with white coral pattern can be yours!

Me: How did Isola Bella start?
Gina: Block-printing began as a hobby for me after my son was born 4 years ago. I wanted to try a different medium and got addicted right away It was so much fun to draw and carve and print. To take a drawing and edit it down to a simple shape, a few lines. The process just simply relaxed me. I started to stamp on notecards and then that led to some linens and then canvas art and the printing just keeps translating onto different materials from fashion to home decor. I have always been greatly influenced by my surroundings so my art always takes on the look and feel of the natural elements around me. I live in the Virgin Islands and so for me the organic patterns and tropical landscape and beachcombing treasures are my subjects everyday.

Me: What are you most inspired by?
Gina: My favorite subject is coral. Since I was a little girl spending summer's in the south of Italy where coral jewelry would line up shop windows. I was always intrigued by how something so beautiful could come from so far deep within the ocean. Now living here I get to enjoy it while snorkeling. the colors are incredible underwater, the shapes so beautiful. I also love to collect washed up coral fragments that line the beaches here on island. I have little collections all over my house.
This year will bring some fun new things to the collection. Kids dresses, hobo-style totes, and some decorative bedding accessories too. there is always something new to discover.

Me: What is a typical day for Isola Bella?
Gina: A typical Isola Bella day for me begins after a long run by the beach. I clear my mind and am ready to get creative for a few hours.  The morning on an island in the Caribbean is when the colors come alive and nature is renewed once again. It recharges my artistic vision.

Giveaway Rules: 
1. Leave a comment on this post about what you like in Isola Bella's blog and/or shop
2. Tweet a link, blog a link, facebook a link, or email with a link to at least one person back to this post for others to learn about Isola Bella's great work and maybe take a liking to Shorely Chic :)



  1. I want to live in the Virgin Islands too...right next door to Gina!!

  2. Isola Bella's shop reminds me of many fond memories I have from the time I lived in the Virgin Islands when I was young. A few pieces of coral and shells from the beaches are still with me.

  3. Love Isola Bella's shop. I went to see after you did that interview. Her style is so relaxed. What I love most is her use neutrals and then she adds punches of Carribean color.

  4. thanks for introducting me to Isola Bella's shop- it's so beautiful! Loving her gourmet kitchen towels and all of her colors.

  5. I absolute love Isola Bella's shop! I actually just moved into my first home which is pretty close to the beach and want to buy everything in her shop! If only I had the budget (house payments are no fun at all)!!!! So I'm really hoping I can win these! I've bookmarked her shop though so I can get my birthday presents from here ; )

    I really love the pillows and the artwork as well but I think my favorite item is her tote bag with the navy anchor on it! I also really love how a lot of her items are eco friendly, something which I'm trying to achieve in my shop as well as my everyday life!

    Thanks so much for this chance to win these lovely napkins! *crossing my fingers that I win*


    email: ecochichandknits@yahoo.com
    shop: ecochichandknits.etsy.com

  6. I love the orange fish patterns..., on the pillows, kitchen towels, really on anything! The color orange is around my house throughout in small accents, it would be perfect!!!

  7. ah, perfect timing for me to head to your blog and tell you liz, thanks for stopping by mine the other day! i love a giveaway... and especially since coral's involved in some fashion.

    but now i'm bummed that i'm in rainy, dreary, foggy seattle and isola's in sunny, warm virgin islands.

    love her sailing photos with her new canon. i'm in the market for a new camera and am torn between canon and nikon. these could sway me toward a canon.


  8. I am inspired by coral also. Remember how much I loved those pillows in the shop in Jupiter?

  9. I love the kitchen towels, and the napkins, and the note cards. I think I pretty much love everything!! I love the ocean and I feel lucky to live near it. :)
    Thanks for doing such a lovely giveaway!

  10. I love everything Tres Island Chic!!!

  11. Liz- Just wanting to send a shout out to say you have the best fans! Thanks everyone for all of your kind comments about my collection. good luck!
    sunny regards from the virgin islands-