Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another Easy Pasta Recipe

As part of trying to grow Shorely Chic, I've been promoting my tushie off, especially being cooped up because of the negative temperatures this weekend! To get people to visit my shop I've been:

posting ads on facebook
posting in the 'antiques' section of craigslist
visiting blogs
talking to other Etsians through the forums on Etsy
and just talking and networking with people on my daily adventures

I'm hoping people respond well to my recent efforts! It's a lot of fun but the only thing is, I'm always on my computer...

In 2010, I want to continue to the growth of Shorely Chic. I'd like to have my own website, and I'd like to become more and more a 'real' designer, i.e. picking out materials and having them produced because I simply do not have the skill and time to make such things. I'd also like to learn more about interior design so I can take on projects and begin to build a portfolio. I know this sounds like a lot but these are my goals, this is my dream!! Any suggestions/help with these goals would be greatly appreciated! 

On another note, I made a simple eggplant/tomato pasta recipe tonight:

1. cut an eggplant into one-inch pieces
2. saute the eggplant in garlic and olive oil
3. once the eggplant is cooked and not spongy anymore remove it from heat and transfer to a bowl
4. Cut up about 8 campari tomatoes or any tomato really
5. saute the tomatoes in garlic and oil
6. add white wine (about half-cup)
7. once the tomatoes are 'saucy' in texture, add the eggplant mixture
8. pour your cooked pasta (I used farfalle) over the sauce, grate fresh parmesan, top with fresh basil and serve up!

this is not it, but it looked something like this...
Feel free to ask any questions about the recipe :)


  1. Marketing sure does take a lot of your time. I admire your energy and determination. Designing accessories sounds very interesting.

  2. Good for you! Keep on being inspired. 2010 will be a fabulous year for u!