Wednesday, August 1, 2012

LulaKate Prettiness

I'm so excited about a collaboration with Shorely Chic and Charleston based LulaKate coming up in less than a month! I have a major soft spot for LulaKate as they dressed my bridesmaids in the most darling flamingo pink silk dupioni dresses which looked perfect on the beach:

I love the way the color looked with the orchid and hydrangea bouquets

This neckline, my favorite, is called the Zoe.

I'm working with LK on a custom party dress in their new Sassy Stripes line to wear to a wedding I have coming up in Cape Cod and need your help deciding which color stripes to get! I'm set on the Zoe neckline but there is a sea of colors to choose from which overwhelms me:

how fun are these stripes?! 

The colors:

Which color do you like??

Interested in a dress for yourself? Contact the LulaKate boutique at (843).805.7193 or 


  1. I LOVE Lula Kate and have been thinking about them for my upcoming wedding...if I ever set a date! I love the Paradise color...can't wait to see how your dress turns out! xx

  2. I second the paradise color! LOVE those dresses!

  3. Oh this is tough! Initially I'd vote for a dark blue so you could accessorize with yellow, coral, pinks, etc... but I'm kind of loving the garnet color! Can't wait to see what you choose- these are adorable!!!

  4. Would have to be "Sea" with coral and gold jewelry, flesh colored shoes and a bright yellow purse.

  5. I say Malibu or Peacock, which ever looks more indigo blue and accessorize with coral and gold. It's hard to pick a blue online.

  6. Crystal or Flamingo would look great will gold and aqua accessories! xoxo

  7. ACK! I'm a Libra, so I'm so indecisive myself!! Of course "sea" caught my eye though. Good luck!

  8. How could you not select 'PARADISE'?

    Best colour and will make a delicious divine designer frock!

  9. These are gorgeous!! I love the paradise color!

  10. I love the pearl necklace in the photo of the beauty who must be your maid of honor (?) - gorgeous - where from???
    thank you !

    LOVE your blog - daily BEST