Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hollywood Glam by J. Crew

I died over the latest issue of J. Crew, the images made me long for warm weather, lots of new clothes, and a trip to La La Land...

the cameras wouldn't stop following Brian and me all day long, eventually we couldn't handle it and broke out into laughter. It's really hard being so beautiful sometimes...

I really want this outfit, and look that cute in it, too!


  1. Ohhhh - I poured over this too! I am just dying over the flats that they are having this season!!!

  2. I agree! The new catalog is over the top glamorous and fab! That blue/white striped casual dress is just perfect for the Spring!

  3. i could use a little springtime glamour in my life!

  4. I know I was dying over the new catalog- I had to put it right into the recycling bin before I maxed out my Jcrew card!!