Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cougar Town Set

So Modern Family is definitely my favorite show out right now, by far.  Every Wednesday night Brian and I look forward to having our ice cream on the couch and laughing our hearts out to the funnies on TV. I end up watching Cougar Town which comes on right after, and I have to say, it's growing on me. I usually feel guilty for 1.5 hours of straight TV (I know, that's crazy, right??) because I should be working but this show has got me these past few weeks, and I am particularly pleased with the set design I get to feast my eyes on weekly. The show takes place in Florida so right there, I get the coastal decor, but they've also made it so homey and realistic that it's really nice to look at!

The home is condusive to gatherings with friends and family which I love. I always want to have the house that everyone comes to, whether it be a neighbor for coffee in the morning or the future children's friends after school. The home is decorated so nicely, but not too nicely where it's off-putting for guests to relax in, majorly important! 

See these photos below for a closer look at Jules' home:

coral couch, yes. clear vase with shell, definitely.

beach hat on the wall, love!

is that an aqua vintage ball jar on the counter?? sweet!

love the abstract wave painting in the background.
white cabinets and bamboo shades! I would personally swap the black counters for carrara marble.

nice pendant lights over the island
see? neighbors having coffee in the am!

SO, what do you think?


  1. fantastic mix of color, neutrals and patterns! Inspirational to me for sure! All of a sudden the aqua ball jars (12 of them for $10!!!!) I found at that thrift store that I already thought were cool....are even cooler. I would gladly let the set designers of Couger town use them....for a small fee.
    See how trends happen???

  2. I love this house and it lead me to a search for a lamp just like that! :) Definitely a family/friend family house with beachy style. It's gorgeous!

  3. I agree with you!!!! Loovveee everything!!! I never watch that show but I may need to start! :)

  4. I adore her house and Ellie's pink, green and white house!