Monday, September 13, 2010

Slip Covered Dining Chairs

Many might ask, is it a yes or a no regarding slip-covered dining chairs but I am totally all for it. I am hesitant about too many fabrics or any penetrable materials around an eating area because of the cleanliness factor but I just think a slip-covered chair adds a casual warmth to the dining room which an often be decorated so formal it's almost uninviting. Don't you agree?

I like a dining room that is pretty but casual at the same time welcoming guests and making them want to be around the table eating yummy food and drinking delicious wine all night long.


so what do you think, it is a 'yes' or a 'no'?


  1. Right now in my life, I would be hesitant b/c I have a toddler. But, if my child was older, I would consider it. I agree, though, a slipcover adds a 'casualness' that is so welcoming!!!

  2. Big fan of the slipcovered look! And that dining room with the pops of green is beautiful!

  3. Defintitely a yes:)
    I love the second and third images the best!!!

  4. Definitely a yes. Just sent the check off today for to be made custom ones. Two sets one casual and one a bit more formal. Six weeks seems like a long time for the first set. Our dining parson style chairs are Espresso brown leather yet with a dark table it's well too dark and heavy looking for the scale of the room. My DB loves dark and I am slowing getting back to light neutrals, white and more white.

  5. I LOVE the look of the slip covers but practically ( in a house with 5 boys - and I am including my husband in there ) I'd be washing them every other day.....some days they wipe their hands on the walls ! : (......looks = yes.....practicality = no.