Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Seaside Inspiration

I am going to start working on a casual living room for a great family in town that lives directly on the water, could I be any happier? The family room has outdated couches and window treatments so we will start with fresh white slip covers and replacing the window treatments with custom bamboo shades for a beautiful (and huge) view of the water. They also have nice big built-ins which I am thinking of covering the back walls in with grass cloth.

I spent a little time looking around for some inspiration and thought I'd share with you all.

I love this room, so surfer chic.
bamboo shades
yummy whites
I'd love to add some new pieces in the book shelves like the above... 

grasscloth for the interior of the built-ins

Oh, and a new carpet which I have my eye out for! Suggestions for carpets are welcome!


  1. I love the grasscloth and the large photo in the surfer chic room!
    That is so great that you get to do this! Have a great time!!

  2. I love everything!! The bamboo shutters, the stone fire place, the chandelier, all those beautiful tones of blue in the glass... This is going to be an amazing project for you! I think the grasscloth will look great and funnily enough, I'm thinking of using it for the backing in the frames I have made for my Flotsam Friend dolls. I can't wait to see what you do here... Pruxxx

  3. Bamboo shutters are like the little black dress of interiors --- you can never go wrong!

    Love the idea of seagrass on the backs of the bookshelves!

    Can't wait to see the big reveal! Congratulations on the job.
    xo Elizabeth

  4. In a word, Stark Carpet outlet in Clt. An incredible inventory at 1/2 of wholesale. Please tell Tim Liz Morten sent you!

  5. I look forward to seeing how it comes out!!!

  6. OMG !!! I just redid my diningroom with very similar colors - not as fancy as this Love the colors !!!

  7. love the open airy quality of these spaces. I'm sure your design will be perfect!

  8. wow, grasscloth is such a cool idea! i love how it's not only in the built ins, but surrounding the mantel too! so pretty, thanks!

  9. This sounds like it will be lots of fun. I love the striped rug in the inspiration photo. The grass cloth looks great in the built ins and over the mantel. A sea grass or sisal carpet might look perfect in front of that fireplace.