Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween and Hiking :)

Halloween this year was great! Even though Brian and I were a little under the weather with colds, we hosted a few great friends at our apartment, saw some great costumes, ate yummy food, apple spice cupcakes and chocolate cream pie, and drank blood orange margaritas! I was trying to convince Brian that the blood orange would be good for our colds and that the tequila was just an added bonus :)

That's me as an equestrian (my ballerina costume did NOT work out at the last minute so I put the above together in two minutes from items in my closet) and Brian as Clark Kent (he was missing the glasses).
WEAK I know :(

Lauren and Rob as a witch and Rob as WT

Robyn as a Lady Bug

Zach singing at the camera!

On Sunday, we woke up and took the prettiest hike at Treetops Park

Me declaring myself a "tree-kisser"

I was so excited to see pink trees scattered around!

So Pretty!!

This week is really busy for me! I have my first event where I will be showcasing my items at a benefit featuring vendors from around the area and a silent auction which I will be donating a basket to. I'm so excited and am going to be working my little tushy off all week preparing for it. If anyone has any suggestions on this type of affair, please leave them for me!!

Happy Monday :)


  1. You look adorable in your costume! Sometimes the best ones are last minute!

    And I agree with the others...your hike looked absolutely beautiful! I'm glad you brought your camera! :)

  2. Hi!! I´ve been having a look at your blog and it´s fantastic. I´ve have taken some inspiration. Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words. Greetings from Spain. Ana

  3. way to act fast with your costume! How is your business going?

  4. your hike looks lovely. those pink flowers are so pretty (i need to go hiking asap).