Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jack Johnson & Friends

not too harsh on the eyes, is he...
I can't get enough of Jack Johnson's latest album Best of Kokua Festival - Jack Johnson & Friends. Jack has such an affect on me, there's no music that makes me feel more at ease, relaxed and perfectly content than Jack. He transports me to another place -- to the beach.

The album features Jack with so many other great artists: Eddie Veder, Jackson Browne, Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, Ziggy Marley and more. All for a cause, proceeds from the live concert where the album was recorded and sales of the album benefit the Kokua Hawaii Foundation.

"Hawaii has more school gardens because of Willie Nelson and Ben Harper. We have more field trips out into nature because of Eddie Vedder and Kawika Kahiapo. More recycling bins in the classrooms because of Ziggy Marley and Paula Fuga, less plastic on the beaches because of Jackson Browne and John Cruz, more healthy school snacks because of Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds; and now thanks to you, and everyone who purchases this album, The Kokua Hawaii Foundation will be able to continue inspiring Hawaii's next generation of environmental stewards.

Aloha, Jack Johnson" 

Check out this awesome video with Jack and Jackson Browne:

Aloha, Beach Lovers! You can buy the album here


  1. This is music to my ears...have to check this out! xx

  2. Love me some Jack! And what's even better about him is his wonderful marriage and that's he's a total family man. Sexy!

  3. I MUST get some of those new Jack Johnson tunes. Thanks for the info!

  4. Ahhhh Thanks for posting this. What a great shout out to The Kokua Festival and all that it has brought to the islands. I was lucky enough to attend most of the Kokua shows over the years. And every one was awesome. I was also lucky enough to be backstage the whole day on this Jackson Browne show in Oahu. Something I will never ever forget.