Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Dream Thanksgiving on the Beach

If I could, this year I would host thanksgiving on the beach. I would have lots of flannel blankets and shawls for people to wrap around themselves when it got chilly, a nice bonfire off to the side, and a beautiful rectangular table dressed in layers of natural linens.  There would be lots candles on tall silver mismatched holders, white pumpkins, seashells, and cranberries drizzled around for color. Wouldn't that be pretty?

Brian and I are not having Thanksgiving this year, but if we were you bet I would do my darndest to make that happen. In the meantime, the next best thing:

 I love the simplicity of this, and the brightness just makes me happy :) 

pretty silver pedestals perfect for nuts, or anything really...

I guess I really like white pumpkins...the only thing missing is the seashells - come on people!

However, I did discover a new blog which had an awesome DIY post on fabric pumpkins:

how lovely is that?! Imagine the pretty you can make with beautiful fabrics and seashells! 
Visit The Charm of Home for instructions :)

All other images via Martha Stewart & Better Homes and Gardens

I can't get my beach thanksgiving out of my mind...


  1. I love the display of the nuts on the silver pedestals! So simple yet beautiful!

  2. Thank you for featuring my pumpkins. They look wonderful here in your post.

  3. It's like you can put a sea shell on anything and it makes it beautiful. How can you not have Thanksgiving? Even if you aren't fixing a dinner you still experience it, it's all around you...and in your mind you think about what it entails with the history of Thanksgiving and our nation, and the things you are thankful for....so you actually enjoy some of Thanksgiving, even if you aren't planning a meal...thanks for sharing the lovely pics.

  4. Me too...and I have decorated our table casually with seashells and white seastar as if we were looking out to the ocean.

  5. These pumpkins are so pretty! Us Canadians had our Thanksgiving early in October - too bad - these would have been nice to have for decor :)

  6. I love it all especially the simplicity of the pumpkins over the fireplace!! and yes, it would be great to have a nice family gathering on the beach!

  7. I just found your blog and of course love anything beach. I live at the beach and actually loved all of these images. I used all greens last year http://peggyandfritz.blogspot.com/2010/11/what-fabulous-holiday.html

    I hope this shows the page (not good at linking) - I did all greens, field flowers and burlap for a beachy feel. I did use shells sprinkled on the table. If I could find those white pumpkins in LA - I would pick some up for my table this year.

  8. Love it, Liz! I've got a major crush on white pumpkins this year too...Thank you for the lovely Thanksgiving inspiration today.


  9. Fabulous ideas! Such a shame we don't have Thanksgiving here in NZ, I would love to experience it! xo K

  10. Super pretty. Have wonderful Thanksgiving.

  11. That sounds like a beautiful dream. I miss the beach. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and thanks for the DIY - love the pumpkin!