Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dog Days of Fall

Brian's family came for a visit from Syracuse this weekend and one of our activities was taking little Jackie to Compo Beach in Westport where they welcome dogs after October 1st.

Jack was partying:

this one if my favorite, fast friends but friends for life...

 tired boy...
it really was such a beautiful day, cold but beautiful.

A far cry from this Hawaiian shoreline just two weeks ago, but I'll take what I can get!

Brian and I are off to NYC today to walk around in the village and do some shopping and eating!

Happy Sunday! 


  1. Enjoy your weekend! Looks like Jack sure has so far :)

  2. The white dog reminds me of Pete in the little rascals, one of my favorite shows of all times. Hope you run into the Morten girls downtown. They love it.

  3. Have a great time in the city! Thanks for the shots of Compo! I miss it! It still looks the same.

  4. WOW, that is a far cry from Hawaii, non the less, it looks like the dogs had a lot of fun, and you must have had a blast catching them in the water and mid-air!!! :)

    Northern Light Blog

  5. Jack is such a cute little dude! I bet my two pups would love him!! It looks like the perfect day to me :) x K

  6. Love this post...I sorely miss my dog who passed a few months ago. Mostly I miss her playing at the shore with me. Your post has inspired me to finally have the courage to get out to the shelter to adopt a new friend. Sherron