Monday, September 12, 2011

Creole Beach Cottage

Far too often on the shores of Florida you find fancy and formal, the complete opposite of the casual and easy-breezy vibe that, to me, makes living and vacationing at the beach so special. This beautiful 19th century Creole beach cottage stands out, and is a true gem lying on the Gulf Shore. The owner of the home found it in a dicrepit state, but it's original character peeked through and she knew with a little TLC that the little old cottage could be brought back to a shelter to support her pure beach life :)

The house was featured on Old House Online and decribed as a "stripped-down, unpretentious home that invites you to brush the sand off your feet as you step onto the porch after a day at the beach" = perfection.
LOVE the horizontal paneling

The horizontal panels on the walls are original, and are what attracted buyer Jane to the home

One of my dreams is to find a house that is completely un-loved and bring it up with a little Shorely Chic lovin'.