Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Artist Melissa Barbieri

I would like to introduce you to a favorite local artist of mine, Melissa Barbieri. Melissa creates works of art in the forms of wall murals, decorative finishes on furniture, and paintings that are sensual, natural, and simply beautiful, effortlessly combining clean, crisp design with classical elegance.

My favorite are her sea-adorning creations and as soon as I have the chance in my own home, or that of a client, I will certainly be calling on Melissa to add her unique touch!

LOVE these

Everything is just gorgeous, Melissa. 

 Oh, and look how cute she is to boot!


  1. It's very beautiful. My favorite seaside style is a soft faded decor in art and furnishings.

  2. Love the studies of sea shells and coral sponge painting! The 2D seems almost 3D, she has great skill. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. These are truly beautiful... I love the colors shes uses. I want them all! Too bad I can't paint...

  4. I have to go check her work out. This would be perfect for my house in The Keys! Thank you for sharing such amazing work.

  5. What a great artist - I lover her car too! How great what that be to have down at the beach piled with surfboards - my kids would love it!

  6. wow! can see why she's a favorite of yours-- love the octopus, sea horse, and pastel sea plants!

    beautiful work, Melissa!!

  7. Wow what great talent, thanks for sharing! I am totally checking out her website!