Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Color Me Coastal with Amanda Nisbet

When I think of chic coastal style I think of tranquility and calmness; colors of whites, sands, and blues, natural textures and fibers, sheers blowing in the breeze, seashells and corals. Amanda Nisbet takes coastal, and splashes it with color, fun and spunk, and I'm kind of in love: 

love the warms sands, cool turquoises, pink and coral patterns, lacquer, lucite and wood finishes.

the photo above the fireplace is GORG and love the symmetry in furniture selections

nice flow into the kitchen

I mean?? How cool is that?!

huge fan of all this art, wonder whose it is?

love her turquoise uses!

umm those coral back chairs...NEED

vintage romper framed, who does that? She does and this is why I love her.

Amanda, thank you for all your inspiration to be bold and take risks in design. Your interiors look like you piece together all things you love and adore, and it works so beautifully :)

xoxo, Liz

all images via amandanisbetdesign.com


  1. I love that photograph above the fireplace. I was thinking of blowing up a photo I have of my favourite beach really big. Now I know how well it can work!

  2. This house is wonderfully done! It is classic, timeless and yet infused with modern day freshness. The romper is great and I must say, I'm a big fan of putting sentimental pieces in a shadowbox. In my son's room I did my husbands rugby jersey, in my hallways you'll find my baby outfits and my mother's dress that she and I both wore. I love it when I see others doing the same concept...it personalizes a home. Her orange lanterns in the kitchen grabbed my attention, the lucite stools with turquoise cushions are devine and the overall home is so welcoming. I am waiting for my invite to visit!

  3. Great use of color! Love this!

    Hope you're doing well girlie and that your wedding plans are coming along great!

  4. I love Amanda Nisbet designs! Her rooms are always so fun and sophisticated! Her daughter and my niece are actually best friends and heading off to college together this fall!

  5. Fun space! I love the mix of golden tones with the turquoise. And the lucite stools are an interesting choice for the dining area - so unexpected :)

  6. I am in love! I wouldn't change a thing. The pic above the fireplace is so tranquil. I'm pricing out my favourite beach pic on canvas now. The vaulted ceiling and hits of turquoise are wonderful. Thank you Amanda and Liz for the inspiration!

  7. She is definitely a favorite in my book!! Love her fresh yet unexpected combinations!!